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Spiral Design Studio's Graphics Ship with Industry-Leading Software
Web site designs from Spiral Design Studio have captured the attention of a leading national software program

Albany, NY, June 29, 1998 - NetObjects, Inc., the developer of the award-winning Web authoring product NetObjects Fusion, has selected five Spiral Design "site styles" for use inthe latest version of the product.

NetObjects Fusion features built-in site styles for automatic generation of banners, buttons and other site elements, all with the goal of making Web site creation easier for businesses. The company approached Spiral and other design firms to develop site styles for NetObjects Fusion 3.0. Twenty of the 30 submissions were chosen, including all five Spiral site styles--making Spiral the only firm to have all its proposed styles selected for inclusion.

"Spiral Design's site styles were clever, creative and original. They found a way to make each design distinctive and fun," said Nancy Lynn Gottesman, content manager for NetObjects. "By incorporating such site styles into NetObjects Fusion 3.0, we are able to offer our customers an 'out of the box' solution for creating a professional look and feel."

Spiral's site styles ranged from whimsical to corporate. With Surf's Up, for instance, an ocean wave connects the home-page buttons, while a surfer "surfs" on the button most recently selected. The banner is a surfboard and the background graphics mimic the wild patterns on a surfer's shorts. For high- tech users, Spiral created a blue and yellow "switchplate" style to communicate a cutting-edge image.

NetObjects has long requested site-style designs from outside firms. "This outsourcing program leverages partnerships and co-marketing for all parties involved," Gottesman said. "It has allowed us to work with many of the leading design firms in the world." According to Robert Clancy, principal of Spiral Design, "NetObjects has created a synergistic relationship which allows end users to actually shape the product, not only in debugging but from the design perspective. That is a rare opportunity, and we appreciated the chance to demonstrate our design capabilities in an electronic format."

The NetObjects product family consists of NetObjects Fusion Personal Edition for entry-level site builders, NetObjects Fusion 3.0 for experienced site builders NetObjects TeamFusion(tm) for site-building teams and NetObjects ScriptBuilder 2.0 for scripting. All the products are the first in their class to integrate automated site building, professional quality design and publishing, thereby lowering the cost, time and tedium of building high-quality Web sites. NetObjects Fusion has won several awards, including CNET's 1997 Internet Excellence Award for Best Web Design Product and PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award. More information about NetObjects and its products can be found at

Spiral Design Studio is an innovative marketing design and new media communications firm located in Albany, NY. Founded in 1989, Spiral’s work encompasses all areas of visual communication including high-end, traditional print collateral and Web site development. A partial list of the firm’s services include graphic design, digital illustration, animation, programming and consulting. Spiral Design Studio is on the World Wide Web at

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